The union between environment and the human body is what drives me. 

I am Franck Berthuot, a French fashion and lifestyle Photographer based in Maui, Hawaii.

Born and raised in Paris, Franck Berthuot has been living and shooting in Hawaii for more than a decade. After a back injury, while surfing, Franck naturally dove back into the water and began photographing athletes in the famous waves of Maui. Starting out as an action sports photographer, he soon became interested in capturing beautiful images of women in raw nature but focusing on the fashion aspect. His current body of work experiments with heavily contrasted black and white photography and explores working with additional lighting elements combined with outside natural lighting.

Neely Mack, Author, Project You and creator of Project You Be Well.

I have worked with many photographers around the globe but Franck is a true gem in the rough. He is incredibly talented and has an amazing eye for detail and all things light and texture. He is one of those Parisians that gets nature and fashion combined. I love Franck’s work so much I invited him to be the director of photography for my book, PROJECT YOU and it turned out incredibly well.  He is able to really think outside the box and the vision becomes magical!

I have also used Franck many times for our high fashion Italian footwear company, Italeau.  He nails it every time.

Professional and personal inquires are welcomed by filling the form below, by mail at or my cell phone at (808) 6664046.